Anxious petting during two week shutdown?

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I just adopted a three year old staffy and so far it's going ok. She's an anxious dog and I'm trying the two week shutdown method to help her decompress so no visits/interactions with other people or dogs, only yard time instead of walks, and no training beyond treat/clicker reinforcement of good behavior.

She asked for pets from the beginning but I'm confused because she comes for pets (head on my leg, pushing her head under my hand) but then I feel like I'm reading anxious body language when I'm petting her (ears pinned back Should I not be petting her with this behavior? I really want to make sure I'm not reinforcing anxiety and doing the right things from the beginning.

We're three days in and she's working up to eating/drinking/peeing/pooping the expected amounts…although we aren't there just yet. but also starting to growl, grumble at people outside or common house noises. I just want to make sure I properly manage her anxiety from the beginning because I know she is a very sweet but is prone to anxiety. Thanks!!

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