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I have two rescue dogs: Gary (a saluki, 2yo) and Dave (American Bulldog x Greyhound, 3yo)

Dave originally had really bad separation anxiety, but it had stopped once I got Gary. Since then I’ve had no issues with Dave.

However, Gary has gotten more and more anxious around everything. I can’t even leave a room without being followed and if I close a door, he screams like you wouldn’t believe. It’s only started since I split up with my ex partner and our routine had changed but this was nearly a year ago. I understand where the anxiety is coming from but I’m struggling to control it. But it is getting so bad that he becomes aggressive towards my other dog when I leave.

I spoken to the vet and she suggested crate training him, which I did, but he actually bust open the crate and he actually really hurt himself.

I’ve tried kongs and lick mats and we even go for a walk before I have to leave.

But it’s now at the point I can’t even go to the shop in case he upsets the neighbours. He’s a very sweet dog, and I have no other issues other than the barking, screaming and aggression with my other dog.

My trainer at the daycare I use x2 a week suggested I talk to the vet about medication.

Does anyone have any ideas I could try?

Many thanks

A stressed out dog mum

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