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There are so many crate training questions on here, but I didn’t see any that matched my circumstances. I have a one year old goldendoodle who is very well trained…. thanks to a lot of you here. She doesn’t chew or snatch human snacks, doesn’t get on the furniture, and isn’t allowed on the beds. But ever since we brought her home at 8 weeks the crate has been a battle. She’s not food motivated and a kong stuffed with peanut butter or a bully stick doesn’t entice her into something she doesn’t want to do. Feeding her in there has always been a no go because she pays little attention to her food bowl. We stuck with it for a year though, crating her in our kitchen every night before bed. And she’d go in, not that willingly but she knew she was supposed to. Recently it seems to be a bigger and bigger battle to get her crated at night, so much so that sometimes she won’t come inside or my husband will have to pick up all 60 pounds of her and carry her into the kitchen. I said well trained and I know that THOSE two things don’t indicate a well trained dog. I think it’s all just stubbornness on her part. Once she’s in the crate, she’s silent until morning (we did have a bout of her barking at night in there that we powered through), but she’s always standing and waiting for us to come let her out.

We’re going to be bringing a baby into the family soon, so I’m wracking my brain and scouring the web trying to sort out the best thing to do so that we can figure out her sleeping situation before we’re up with a baby at night and her world gets turned upside down. I mentioned that we keep her crate in the kitchen, since she is accustomed to and comfortable in a crate for boarding, injury, or illness, is it the worst thing to just let her sleep in the kitchen at night? It seems like I’ll still have what I ultimately want – a dog who doesn’t need human contact at night to rest happily, and I won’t be battling a dog and a baby to go to sleep before I can get some shut eye.

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