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Hello all! I have a 9 month old aussie named Kona. We rescued her at 6months. I dont know much about her 1st owners except they didnt train her at all (no house training or anything) and left her in a crate most of the time. Since getting her, we have made strides to enroll her in puppy class and bring her up to speed on all her training. She is now in intermediate, we are working towards the CGC and service dog certifications. (I am SO proud of her!) She is an absolute joy to train and work with, except the persistant whines. The trainer warned us if we dont get the whining under control she wont pass her CGC. She whines mostly when things take too long in her opinion like getting ready to go somewhere. She whines when doing comands, she still does them, but informs us the whole time about her feelings. She will also walk around the house and whine or whine when we eat. Alot of the whines seem based in impatientce, attention seeking or wanting something we have (food). Funny enough its almost like a straight up toddler tantrum with her being quite dramatic (i have a hard time not laughing at these). However as it stands this seems to be a rather strong habit and needs to be curbed.

Any tips to get this under control?

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