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Hey y’all!

I posted on this sub a while back about my dog’s destructive chewing habit while I’m gone. He is crate trained, but even in his crate he chews up the bedding, which forced me to crate him with no bedding (for which I felt awful).

I got a home camera on Amazon that lets me speak through it. I tested it out by putting it in front of the crate. When he started harmfully chewing at himself or the new bedding, I told him no. He listened. Mostly because my voice through the camera freaks him tf out.

So now he’s graduated to roaming the room! The first thing he did when I left him to roam was go straight for the trash (i emptied it beforehand, anticipating this). I told him no through the camera, and he stopped. Then he went for my painting. I told him no, and he stopped. Then he went for the plant. I told him no, and he stopped. (When I got home, I removed these items). Today, he went for the trash again, and I told him no, and he stopped. I’m hoping that with enough repetition, he won’t go for the trash.

The caveats to this method are: Constant monitoring No positive reinforcement No 100% guarantee he’ll listen

I don’t struggle with the constant monitoring, because I’m a student, so I can just set up the camera on my phone while I study at school and take periodic glances.

I do struggle with the lack of positive reinforcement. The camera that dispenses treats is 1) expensive, and 2) I’m afraid he would get to it and break it open for the treats inside. (He did that with brain-teaser toys.)

Thought this insight might help others who struggle with this problem!

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