Am I (F23) wrong to feel uncomfortable with my partner (M34) and his dog?

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Am I wrong to feel uncomfortable with my partner and his dog?

(Please Note: I like dogs and I’ve had dogs my entire life. I just have been raised and grown to create boundaries with animals such as 1. Dogs don’t lick newborn babies 2. Dogs wipe their paws after a muddy hike before walking through the house { same way as I’d take off my muddy shoes} 3. Not having sex with the dog in the bed )

When we first started dating, I didn’t realize the extent that the word “dog lover” reached to. I have had dog my entire life but the end of the day they’re a pet. My boyfriend sleeps, eats, cuddles and loves his dog. Great. But he gets mad at me for not wanting to sleep in the same bed as the dog, have sex in the bedroom with the dog ( the dog had tried to “intervene” during naked time and I’m traumatized enough from the first time.)We can’t go on trips, walks or dates without her being included.

I’m introverted, which he knows but he gets mad when I want to go on a walk without the dog, or sit in a area that the dog isn’t all over me ( she has fleas rn and her laying in the bed, couch and hanging out in the kitchen hasn’t changed.

I also have allergies and the dog runs in the dirt and grass alot.When I touch her I always get hives or bug bites. It’s frustrating but as far as cleaning or training habits, he is set in his ways with the dog.

He tries to initiate sex after scratching her and letting her lick all over his face and hands after eating grass or licking her bum.

My partner also told me that he plans to have bug dogs for the rest of his life. We’re discussing moving in together but I don’t have an option with the dog thing. She and any future dogs run the house and can go where they please in the house.

Are these things that bother me stupid? I feel so uncomfortable and like I’m suffocating but if I’m wrong I’d like to correct my feelings.

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