Am I alpha rolling my dog? Because I don’t want to. And is she doing alright? How can I help her?

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Hi all, just to start off, I'm a new dog owner. I had Daisy for just two months now and it's been wonderful. She's quite skittish but independent. But as she's broken through her shell, she has gotten comfortable wrestling with me. In the past, I would tip her over to her side (but if she ever resisted, I would stop) and give her pets and belly rubs.

During our wrestle sessions, I've been tipping her to her side, then scratching her sides which makes her get all the way over to her back. Her mouth is wide open, paws up. If she tilts back to her side, she'll do this thing where she raises her paw and puts it on my arm. Sometimes I'll start scratching her head and lightly grapple with her there. During these times, she'll lightly bite me to which I say "you got me!" And she'll let go.

But I was wondering if me tipping her to her side, then scratching her and getting her on her back, and scratching her head, might be alpha rolling? I really hope not, but lately she's been resisting the tip over more often, and she won't fully go to her back. I should mention, the lack of going to her back started after I lost control of her leash during a walk. I yelled "come back here!" As she ran into the street and I think it scared her of me. I know I should have just ran the other way and had her chase me but I was so scared of her getting hit by a car that I panicked.

Other info: I took her walking to our usual spot a couple times this week, since she ran away from me. It was totally fine. Then today, she started to cower from me. The second we started heading home, she was her usual self. I didn't lose her at our usual spot, so why is she scared of me all of a sudden? Could it be the clothes I wear trigger her? But why is she fine when we head to the spot or go back home, she just had an issue at the field. She wouldn't even eat treats which is only something she does when she's really anxious.

Please help me out, I wanna do everything right by this dog. I keep things positive and never use negative tactics. Should I stop tipping her to her side? Should I give her space from me, even if she wants to play? Should I have someone else walk her for now?

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