Almost one year old Great Dane lashing out viciously

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We have a male Great Dane who will turn one year on July 3rd. He has been a wonderful sweet dog for us with exception of three times. The first time (first week of March), he bit my oldest daughter (14) when she tried to take a piece of trash he had found – this bite required a trip to the ER, but just for cleaning, bandaging, and antibiotics. I scheduled him for a two week overnight training course, and between the incident and his first class, he bit me when I tried to take a block of cheese away from him that he jumped up on the counter to grab. Since he came back from training, he has been an amazing dog. Always so sweet and loving, incredibly obedient, and a great dog when people would stop by the front yard or come to visit. Yesterday, after nearly six weeks after getting him back from training, he bit my youngest daughter (12) when she went to wipe an eye booger from his face – she does this all the time to him without any issue ever. He bit her several times, I was in the other room and it was a terrifying scream and even worse growl from our dog. My daughter had to get six stitches. I have reached out to our trainer, our vet, and our breeder regarding my options, and it sounds like people do not take large breed dogs who bite in for rescue… Leaving me with two options, muzzle him forever, or put him down. I was incredibly torn about this last night until my daughter walked down stairs, where he was laying calmly with my wife and I on the floor after a walk, and he growled and lunges at her – I had to fall on him and pin him to make sure he didn’t get close to her… She’s terrified, and I don’t blame her. My wife and I then put him in his crate upstairs in an empty bedroom we have for him, and we just sat outside of his kennel. Normally, he would have whined to be let out, but he just laid there. He would like our hand if we put it against the crate but that was it. We don’t know if he’s sick, or just knows he messed up big time, but his behavior was way off even in his crate. I am not sure I have any options left but to, regrettably, put him down… He is such a sweet boy, but these outbursts could literally kill a person due to his size and strength. Further, I have never had a Dane act anything like this before. We’ve spent serious money and time trying to get him feeling confident and over his anxiety, but at this point, I feel I am playing Russian roulette, and it’s only a matter of time until something extremely bad occurs. My wife and I are heartbroken because we feel our daughters’ safety is in jeopardy, and we somehow let our poor Duncan down by doing or not doing something during his training.. I just don’t know what that could be though, as the trainer said he’s done great on his checkups with them. How can a sweet obedient dog go into a rage in such a quick period? Has anyone else ever dealt with something like this, and is it really a possibility that dogs can just have a mental snap making them turn so vicious? I really have never thought about putting a dog down so young and healthy, but right now, I feel it’s the only option… 🙁

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