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So last night, my 5 month old toy poodle boy was snoozing on the floor, and it was time for bed, so we put him in his tent/crate. That's when all hell broke loose. Endless barking, throwing himself around so much the tent moved halfway across the room.

I went into the living room and did the same set up I do when I need to leave him home alone, which is a large curved gate, with his tent and chair he likes inside. Plenty of toys, blankets etc.

I went back to bed, and listened to him barking for an hour. Besides keeping me awake, I worried I was traumatizing him, so I just gave up and curled up on the chair in the living room to try and get some sleep in the remaining 4 hours before I had to get up. It was NOT fun, and I really need to make sure this does not continue.

Any suggestions? Am I traumatizing him and further creating separation anxiety if I move him to another room so I can sleep?

This was pretty out of the ordinary for him so I'm kind of at a loss…

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