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My 4 month old miniature schnauzer puppy, Sterling, is an absolute doll. He's ridiculously intelligent, friendly, and handsome, and I love him to death! However, in the past few weeks, there's been a developing issue: When I wake him up from a nap, he shows signs of uncomfortableness/aggression (?) (Growling, once or twice nipping).

Vet says he's perfectly healthy. I've done a good bit of reading on this, and it's apparently pretty common. I think he either is shocked/surprised when he's woken up and he lashes out because he's not totally sure what's going on, or he's just a grumpy little dude who likes his sleep (and is resource-guarding his warm sleep spot).

All suggestions so far have said to wake him up slowly with a treat so he associates waking up with good things. However, he's not super food motivated, and I doubt a dog treat would convince him to get up and move. What other suggestions do y'all have to make wake up more peaceful for my little grump?

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