Aggression towards other dogs. Therapy hasn’t helped and we’re at our wit’s end.

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Bailey is 2.5 y/o and a neutered rescue dog. We believe he might me a Spanish mastiff mix. He is definitely a large dog.

He has lived with my mom for 2 years. Before that he lived at a kennel for rescue dogs and then with a foster family where he lived with a small older dog who he was good friends with.

(I don't know if it's relevant but he and his siblings did not have their mom as puppies as they were left on the side of the road in a box a few days after they were born (and don't worry, someone found them and all 8 puppies survived and were adopted) ).

Bailey's problem is that he is very aggressive towards other dogs (big and small, male and female). The problem only started a little over a year ago. Before that he loved meeting other dogs and used to lie down on the ground to greet them. He's never attacked anyone or any dog, but he barks bloody murder and we have to hold him back when he sees other dogs. He also barks at old people and small children on the street but he is not as aggressive when he sees those people as he is when he sees other dogs.

We have no real ideal what triggered it. He hasn't had any bad experiences since my mom him over two years ago. Our only clue is that he uses to be part of a dog play group. At some point some of the other dogs got a bit aggressive towards each other at the play dates and it made Bailey uncomfortable. He would try to get in between the other dogs to get them to stop barking at each other. We stopped going to those play dates and his aggressiveness started sometime after that.

My mom has spend a lot of money on dog training and individual behavioral therapy but it hasn't really worked.

He likes very select dogs but we have no idea what those dogs have in common. Some are large, some are small, some male and some are female. He has a handful of good dog friends.

We love Bailey and he's a good dog, but it almost impossible to take him on walks since he gets SO aggressive. He also barks bloody murder when he sees other dogs (and sometimes people) outside our house.

Since therapy hasn't worked, we're at our wit's end. We could really really use some help and good advice. We'll never get rid of him, he's a family member, but his barking and aggressiveness is so hard to deal with. We dread every walk.

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