After my puppy got attacked at the park, she got super insecure and now tries to dominate submissive dogs. How can I get her confidence up so she stops?

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I've tried looking into trainers in my area and nobody will take us as a client because of the virus. I've done heaps and heaps of research and believe I know what bothering my dog. Please just answer based off of the information I give you instead of going down the loophole of other possibilities it could be.

So here's the backstory. My fixed 9 m/o rottweiler puppy got attacked at the dog park. It started off as play but when she got tired and didn't want to play anymore, the dog kept pestering her and ended up biting her and injuring her leg. I kept asking the owner to restrain their dog and they just said, "They're dogs, let them work it out." My old lab also nips at her when she annoys him, but I don't know if this contributed to it.

She was fine and after she healed up we were cleared by the vet to take her for walks again. She was totally fine with the other dogs, except that she wasn't interested in playing anymore. After walking for a bit, a young submissive puppy came right up to her and exposed her belly. Piper (my rotti pup) immediately laid on top of her and began to growl. I pulled her off right away and ordered her to lay down. I walked around on a leash back to the car and she was fine. I walked the next day at the park on a leash and she was fine. The next day she almost snapped at a little dog for trying to take her stick (which she's never done). We also brought over my aunt's corgi (submissive and ignores other dogs so my mum and I thought it would be okay). Right when they walked in, Piper tried to lay down on her and started growling.

I'm determined it's because she's insecure about her position and wants to pick on dogs she can. She's very respectful to dogs who don't want to play, always have been. This behaviour started in the past couple of weeks and I'm desperate because we can't find a trainer.

So, how can I get her confidence up so she can be around submissive dogs?

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