After a confusing start to life, my pup is doing SO WELL with potty training!!

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I got my girl at 8 weeks, and she’s now 17 weeks. I was going to school in Nashville, living in an apartment, had class about an hour a day, and would spend the rest of my time with my puppy, playing with her and training her and taking her for walks. She slept in her crate in my bedroom and had her whole toy set up, a play pen in the living room, her bed, her potty bell she was working on, everything. I brought her to visit family in Minnesota (her first airplane ride!!) and then brought her home to DC for “spring break,” which has now become us living at my parents’ house for the rest of the semester with five other people and two senior dogs. We’ve had to change up our schedule, switch bedrooms a few times to accommodate other family quarantining with us, she doesn’t have her regular toys or crate, and her whole walking route and home life is totally different, BUT she’s been sleeping through the night (from about 10 pm-7:30 am!!!) and just today she sat and waited by the door to go outside and held it the whole time. She didn’t accidentally pee during playtime, she ran right to the door (one we don’t even use often), and looked directly at me. Granted, we still have a ways to go with her interactions with the senior dogs, but she’s been acing this and doing really well on her leash!! I finally feel like I’m doing something right

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