Advice please! English bulldog puppy suddenly not listening at 7 months

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My fiancé and I got our English bulldog puppy at 9 weeks old and I have been off from work with all the time in the world to train him. We actually couldn’t believe how fast he picked up on training and how well behaved he was.

He quickly was fully house trained, pawing at back door when he wanted to go out, crate trained, knows all basic commands including drop it and stay, does not eat his food or treats until told to, will “go to his place” when a person comes in the house etc.

However, in the last couple weeks he has become defiant and will not listen to commands that he knows. For example, he will sometimes walk away or even bark at me when asking him to sit before we go out the door. He also will pee at my feet or right in front of us suddenly. We could have just come back in from a walk and he will do this moments later. The most annoying thing to deal with lately is that during walks he will suddenly turn to me and start growling and biting my ankles and not let me walk forward. It gets so bad that I have to pick him up and carry him home. He is not neutered yet so I am hoping that might help. I was just wondering if this is something he will grow out of or if I should get a trainer to help as I know that English bulldogs can be a stubborn breed.

Thanks for any advice!

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