Advice on training a dog not to bolt out the front door

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My wife and I have an incredibly sweet one year old puppy that we have had for three weeks. She is very smart, well trained (for the most part lol) and we love having her around. But holy hell is she an escape artist! Once she is out the front door all bets are off and she is sprinting around the neighborhood. I have been walking her twice a day (total of 2.5 – 3 miles daily), we play with her with lots of toys and we are doing two 15 minute training sessions daily. Below is the training plan that I hope works?

Every time we take her on a walk or to the backyard we make her sit and stay until we give the command “Outside” and then she can come with us. She is pretty good at this currently. Wherever we leave the house we make her sit and stay while we leave. She is okay at this currently. I have begun putting her long lead on her and tying it to our heavy coffee table so she can’t run away. I go to the door and give the usual sit and stay command, I will then leave the door open and stand there with it wide open while she sits and waits for 10 seconds. If she doesn’t move I’ll close the door and read her with a treat. She is okay with this right now. Once she has #3 down we will attach her lead and then myself or my wife will go outside and knock on the door. We will repeat the sit and stay and reward her if she stays once the door is open. We are going to get family and friends to come over help train by knocking on the door while we repeat our commands. I think this is the biggest issue!! The times she has escaped the front door there were other people knocking and I think she was excited to get outside and see them.

Is this a good plan? We just want to make sure she is safe.

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