Advice needed – How do we teach him he can no longer be on the couch?

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Ok friends, need some help with this one. our 8 month old golden retriever has been welcome on the couch since he was about 4 moths. we love having him up there with us. Recently he's started showing possessive traits – when we wake him for our last walk of the night, he gets growly and barky and for the first time this week lunged to try to bite. he's showed this behavior (and digging) on the beds too. we called the vet, thinking it was time to neuter and they aren't scheduling elective surgeries right now. he did say we can't allow him on the couch anymore, which is heartbreaking.

but how do we now make that transition? he sleeps in a crate and we have a dog bed for him that he's never really had access to. he recently has been spending more time on the floor, as he's gotten bigger and is more comfortable there. we'll put that out the bed near the couch, but how do we change the behavior so that he now learns he's not allowed up anymore?

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