Advice/Help on how to phase out biting in a 10 wk old puppy?

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My partner and I have had our 10 wk old Goldendoodle puppy for a little over a week now. We had to travel a few hours to get him and stayed at my partner’s mums place nearby. He was super laid back for the first few days, but when we traveled back to where we live he has been a little vampire!

I grew up with dogs and puppies before so I know how hard it can be sometimes. Our pup is really sweet and very intelligent, but he has become way more hyper and bitey than any other dog I’ve had/been around. I know it’s pretty normal behavior that will phase out but I’m just wondering if there’s anything else I can do to help with it.

We have been using various methods like:

Walking away if he is playing too rough and biting us Making sure he always has a toy to chew on
Enforcing nap times throughout the day. We’ll put a kong in his crate and he’ll chew on that until he sleeps.

We just started enforcing nap times, after I saw some suggestions on other posts on Reddit. We started it yesterday afternoon and by the end of the day it helped tremendously. We definitely saw improvement yesterday. I just copied what this other Redditor posted and we’ve been following it, maybe changing their nap times to up one hour and napping for two.

Copied schedule:

8-9am play/obedience/breakfast 9-12pm nap 12-1pm play/obedience/lunch 1-5pm nap 5pm-10pm at this point i'm coming home and cooking dinner and we're back and forth through her room. i guess one shorter nap in the middle after dinner, whilst we're cooking/eating? 10pm bed (4am potty break)

So far we have his crate in our bedroom, where he naps- it’s pretty dark and we keep a cover over it. In our living room where we work/primarily hang around we have his playpen which we give his meals/try to get him to play in if we are too busy. He hasn’t really warmed up to the playpen yet and whine if he's left there alone but he’s been making improvements and will go in there himself for a few minutes now. We're trying to not cause separation anxiety by using that method of letting them cry it out.

Does anyone have any other tips? Any tips on a schedule to follow? When did you begin to see improvements with your puppy? Any help (or encouragement lol) is greatly appreciated!

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