Advice/help needed. Mental health has declined significantly since adopting a 6 month old lab

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Hi everyone,

A week and a half ago we adopted a 6 month old chocolate lab from a woman who had physical issues and couldn't take care of him anymore. We called him Jake. I made the hugh mistake of not familiarizing myself with the breed and in particular the behaviour that is common in lab puppies (such as biting) so I wasn't at all prepared.

First of all, Jake is extremely restless. He will not sleep when he is with us in the room. We have tried enforced naps in a bench, but every sound or movement will wake him. He will start whining and barking, which makes working from home extremely difficult (yes we have covered the bench with a blanket and yes we give him frozen kongs to distract him). Everyday I walk 3x 30 minutes with him, I give his food in a feeding puzzle (or hiding kibbles in a blanket) and play fetch with him so it can't be due to lack of exercise or mental stimulation I would think.

Also, he bites like crazy (not aggressively but extreme form of puppy biting). We can't play tug of war with him, we can't pet him, we can't train him, without being bitten. When he doesn't get his way or when he's tired, he will bite and lunge, pull on clothing, arms and fingers. He will bite in my feet and ankles. He is already 25 kgs. I am only 1.60 m tall and tiny so I can't take this well. My arms are covered in bruises. Yelping, redirecting, ignoring and trying to correct with a leash are not helping, he will only stop once he is tired of it himself. He does it at home and during walks outside.

My mental health has declined significantly due to the stress of dealing with Jake. I cry daily and have to take breaks upstairs while my partner tends to him (which was not what we decided, I would be the one taking care of the puppy). Needless to say, my partner is becoming more concerned that I can't handle the puppy. I know now that I was very naive thinking that enough play and exercise would be enough for a lab puppy. But that is all I can provide for him. I am starting to think about rehoming him to someone who is better equipped to handling a hyperactive puppy. I feel that Jake and I are not a good match and feel more depressed every day. I have no rest whatsoever, because he does not rest.

Does someone have any advice? Does it get better? Is it normal for a 6 month old puppy to still exhibit this behaviour? We are thinking of starting a family in the next 3 years and I would not be able to deal with a hyper adult lab once there are children. I can barely deal with him now that he is only 6 months old..

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