Advice for a English Bulldog/Husky/Mastiff 5-month mix Pawrent

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Hi Reddit, My S/O and I got a pup (our first puppy) from a pregnant english bulldog my sister rescued a while back. From our understanding, Fry is half english bulldog, quarter husky, and quarter mastiff. I've googled a shit ton, but thought I'd ask for your best advice based on her mixed breed? She's a week from becoming 5 months, and her will to test boundaries are high right now. She's a very smart cuddly mellow love bug for the most part which mixes well with the cats (they’re still getting used to each other, but no chasing or fighting. Only harmless boops when she becomes too much for them. Oldest cat is 14lbs, youngest cat is 23 lbs.) but there are times she turns into a tornado. She tries to bite during play (since she's teething), and during her walks she pulls, and tries to get on everyone's business where sometimes listening goes out the window. I try to refocus her attention to me but it’s like flipping a coin. She’s caught on to “quirks” she’s seen other dogs do (like lunge to other dogs for some social time or try to weasel her way to whatever catches her attention). When she gets a bit handful, we have her sit and chill for a minute before we continue onto our business so she realizes that not everyone we cross paths we will play with. If that doesn’t work, we swiftly pick her up and remove her from the situation and praise her when she calms down. That’s if she’s not flipping around our arms like a fish outta water. There are days she does so well, and other days I reminisce the days it was only 2 fat cats in the house. One thing I’m extremely grateful is that with food, she is nowhere near aggressive and i can easily get close and involve my hands if I need to. With toys, she immediately tries to engage into tug-a-war.

So far we have worked on keeping a consistent routine for her. We take her on 2 long walks twice a day (morning and evening) and train her for about 15 mins couple times in between naps during the day at home using the app Dogo (Covid and this Cali heat is no joke). I play with her but stop once she tries to get a bit aggressive and tries to bite. And only praise positive and calm socialization. Sometimes I feel as if we clash heads. She’ll get stubborn, and sometimes will be more affectionate to my S/O and blatantly ignore me in the process. I remind myself that she’s just a pup, and she’s basically a freaking baby so to be patient as I’m with her 24/7, while my S/O works all day (he does help out with the pup when he’s home. Bless his soul.)

Anything else you guys recommend? I can see a lot of the traits mixed in her personality. Her english bulldog comes out more at home, bulldog/mastiff during play, and her husky side during our walks so i'm wondering what tricks you guys have up your sleeves for either breeds. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long read!

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