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This is the first time posting so please be kind!

I have a 7 month Working Cocker Spaniel who is very good with her commands both at home and out on walks. My issue is that she is always searching for something to carry in her mouth, usually litter bottles/cans/crisp packets. We've made a joke, Bellas litter picking society… She is slowly cleaning up our local woods!

She will carry on her walk well behaved, and listens to commands still… But she will not get close enough to either let me take it out of her mouth or put the lead on. It's got to the point where we are having a regular stand off and she's too quick if I get near. If she hasnt got any rubbish when it's time for the lead then she always comes over first time and let's me put it on.

Following the guide on the wiki I've taught her both leave and drop (which she understands) , but this doesn't translate out side of the house or garden.

I've tried everything I can think off, squeaky toy as distraction, tennis ball, chicken, treats… Nothing is more important to her than that piece of rubbish. I've even tried ignoring her and allowing her to keep the rubbish after putting her on the lead.

Any advice or tips on how I can get her to still listen to recall commands whilst she is busy litter picking?

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