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Hi there. First time poster. We have a 16-month-old Wheaten Terrier (Baxter). He has come a long way but I’m looking for advice. We currently have a gate up that keeps him in the living room / dining room / kitchen and out of the upstairs (all the bedrooms) and the basement.

When he used to get out past the gate, he would go up to one of the kids rooms and pee and/or poop. In the basement he still sneaks down to poop.

We have been trying to bring him upstairs, supervised, for intervals during the day to get him used to the various rooms so they don’t become pee spots. It has worked pretty well, only a pee in each room lately. He will stay in the office with my while I work for a while, then whine to go back downstairs eventually. Ideally we want him to be able to come up unsupervised so that he’s not confined to the main floor and can get away from the kids for a bit.

One problem now is the toys. The kids are remarkably good at keeping the toys off but he still loves to chew on individual LEGO or a stuffed animal here or there. I don’t think it’s nerves maybe boredom.

He has also taken to sleeping in our room after his night walk. I’m ok with that, as the last two nights he has been barking incessantly if I put him in his crate after he’s been laying in our bed for a while. So we’re ok with him staying overnight. He’ll whine to get out in the morning.

Sorry for the very long post, just looking for some advice. Maybe we just leave the kid doors closed and let him come up to the office/our room? Also hopefully getting advice on the basement pooping. Thanks so much!

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