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We adopted our pup (female) from a shelter about 9 months ago, she just hit a year old a few weeks ago.

A month ago, our neighbors picked up a 4mo female from a different shelter. Our kids are similar age and play together. So naturally the dogs got to socializing/playing and got along really well. In fact our pup got out one day and ran the half a block down the street looking for her friend.

Unfortunately one of the neighbors kids is having a bad allergic reaction and they had decided they have to give the dog up.

We have been contemplating getting another dog so she could have a friend, and now this opportunity has presented itself. We talked to the neighbors and they are excited to know the pup will be in a good home with friends. So we are planning on taking her in for a few days to see how she handles our home environment, and make sure the dogs get along on non neutral turf. If she is a good fit we plan to keep her.

I have a specific question about how to handle the transition if we choose to adopt her:

A) Since the old owners live so close, how long (if any time) should we avoid walking by their house with the dog. B)As well how long do we wait to re-introduce the family (have the kids over to play in the yard together with the dogs) C) any other things we should be concerned or look out for?

Dog tax (Our year old pup):

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