Adopting a 5 month old puppy – is it too late to train?

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Hey guys!

In 2 months my adopted street puppy will be making the journey from Bosnia to Denmark, something me and my girlfriend have eagerly looked forward to. They do not allow the puppy to travel before she has gotten the proper vaccinations, which means she will be about 4-5 months old when she comes home with us. She is NOT trained in any way, but lives with her mother and siblings with some wonderful rescue people (a family with a 10 year old daughter).

What I'm wondering is if anyone has been in a similar situation, getting a puppy at 5 months old with no prior training. Is it still possible to socialize her properly at that age? The "window" is supposed to be shut at that age, and supposedly she's never seen people i raincoats, people on bikes, cars etc.

I know this is also the time when puppies go from "children to teenagers", and I'm worried that the whole ordeal with leaving behind everything she's ever known, in a van driving all the way to Denmark, is going to be hard for her and difficult to train around.

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