adopted shelter dog two months ago and he’s driving us nuts

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hi all – really need some help, apologies if this really long.

we adopted a ~1-year-old beagle mix from the shelter early september. the first couple weeks we had him, he was an absolute dream. however, as time went on, his behavior has just gotten worse.

we call them zoomies, but not sure if that's accurate bc it's not him running around. he's just super destructive. he chews up the carpet, digs through the trash, tries to rip up pillows and blankets. sometimes he'll pee on the floor or his bed, even after we just took him out. and it's not just a few minutes. they last for several hours every day.

at first, they were just at night. now they're scattered throughout the day. he'll have an hour of zoomies in the morning. another in the late afternoon before dinner. and then when we get back from our evening walk, we're basically screaming at him to stop until bedtime every night.

we've tried so many things:

taking him to the park to run around a few days a week or playing fetch in the garage until he's literally exhausted – yet when we get home, he is energetic again frozen food in kong – keeps him busy for about 30 minutes, but he whines the whole time and once he's done, he just zooms again new toys – only lasts for about 15 minutes before he's back on the carpet long-lasting chews – lasts about an hour then back to the carpet trick training or playing tug – loses focus after a few minutes spraying the carpet with vinegar – he just straight up likes it

when he's not having the zoomies, he's an absolute dream. he's really good on walks and super sweet. he's great at learning tricks and will lay down and cuddle with us. we're not even afraid to leave him at home bc every time we've left him, everything is fine. no trash, no carpet remnants, no accidents. it's only when we're at home and trying to relax that he loses his mind. i've owned dogs my whole life, and while i've never owned any quite as big as him, this doesn't seem normal.

honestly, even if we can just reduce the amount of zoomies he has, that's fine. it's the fact that he has them for hours on end every night and we live in a one-bedroom apartment. can anyone help?

other details that might be relevant:

40 lbs, beagle mix, obviously not sure what he's mixed with a stray brought from mexico to san francisco walking schedule: 10-minute walk in the morning, 10-minute walk at in the afternoon, 30-minute walk in the evening, 5-minute walk before bed. occasionally we'll also bring him to the dog park or play fetch in the garage for 30-45 minutes. feeding schedule: one cup dry food in the morning, one cup dry food for dinner, half a cup + some frozen wet food in a kong after evening walk submitted by /u/57026AVE
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