Adolescence and recall

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From 4-9 months old, my puppy had perfect recall as long as she had a 30 minute walk before being let off. Now she's a teenager and she wants to run halfway across a park if she sees a bench that looks kind of like another dog. If there's no distractions while we're out, she's great. She just loves other dogs and I guess adolescence makes her a bit too excited when she sees them, so she runs off. Obviously, no more off lead time for her until this is sorted because bad recall is dangerous for everyone.

It'll be difficult to retrain given the lack of distractions now that the UK is (finally) taking the virus more seriously, but I'll do it. It's just frustrating to see regression.

On the plus side, she hasn't started pulling on walks, she's very receptive to training sessions, and she's just generally a good girl. I'll be able to train her recall again and we'll be able to have off-lead play sessions in the park, but I'm still going complain.

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