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I have an 11 week old Bichon Cokapoo puppy, and for the first two weeks we had him he was doing pretty well for crate training. He would go out once or twice a night and then when put back in his crate would cry or wimper for a few minutes max. All the sudden he hates his crate. He rarely sleeps voluntarily in it during the day, whereas before he would run to it, and will cry the whole night no matter if he had just been out for potty. Potty routine has been following what I've seen here, take out on leash, praise, back in crate… but I'm still having these problems. I just spent about an hour listening to him cry before taking him out again and having to sit at the crate for him to sleep. He's finally asleep but I know when I try to sneak back to my room it will be another ordeal. He has a cover and a cuddle buddy in there and his moma blanket, I dont know what to do!

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