A one year old golden retriever who lunges and barks on dogs and people on walks

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A 1 year dog who won’t stop barking and lunging on other dogs and people

I recently adopted a dog who is 1 year 3 month old Golden Retriever, he broke his leg when we was little so he had to stay locked without much movement for long as his bones joined in the wrong way due to mistakes by a vet, so he was never trained to walk, now that I got him, he lunges and barks at every other dog on the walk and it is very difficult and embarrassing to take him out during walks, anyone who walks near my window overlooking the society walkway, he barks like crazy and even worse if they have dogs.

The doctor told to always watch his weight and give him walks so that he can learn to live with that slight limp and not develop arthritis in later stages.

Please help me, I really need some guidance in what I can do and it is becoming difficult to walk him as other dog owners and people run away and ask me not to bring dogs like him outside and I keep on explaining but no one cares. Please help

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