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My good boy Cheddar continues to improve on his walks!

He was so exceptional today given all the conditions.

It's been a bog around here and ton street construction so he hasn't even asked me for a walk in 3 days.

(No worries, large back yard some room we play inside, and trips to dog park… To walk from the car to get into the park is its own category though)

we've been working since late November when I picked him up as a foster dog for them being closed. I decided to keep him.

Anyway he was extremely excited because he finds like going outside and we've had some new neighbors move in that have been stressing him out the last 2 days (they happen to live directly across from his favorite spying window)

anyways it's dried up and a lot of extractions been picked up that I would have been most worried about for a dog, and I'm not sure exactly what led to it but we had a bunch of extra cars neighbors etc. To sit next to me this morning and asked if he wanted to go for a walk. typically this is quite an excitement but he almost looked at me like are you serious have you been outside? (Anthropomorphizing I know)

but I tried to show excitement like it was going to be a good walk and not horrible like he seem to assume it would be. and by the time he saw that I was really going to "make" him go out to his doing jump turns.but stopped at the chance in flow turned around and sat pretty for his leash. (I'm very happy about this one, I'm not sure what he went through but leashes even long phone/power cords he would huddle up away from us for quite some time. He would get excited about the idea of going run to the door and he would do that idle away from you in fear but also gently walking towards you because he wants it until he got right up to you and then just roll over on his back it was kind of rough putting the leash on that actually, even beyond the breaking our hearts. Just kept an excited voice up let him know it was okay gave him the experience that it wasn't going to end however it had before)

Stepping outside he did not look extremely thrilled. Had to check it out that it was normal and give a few sniffs. He's got some hound in him and I'm pretty sure his dejection was completely based and if I could there wasn't any scents anymore. (and that sent checking is most of our problems because he loves that more than anything.)

Whole time he was great about verbally return him whenever he started to pull in his leash, when I would walk backwards he would become completely focused on me knowing that it was different and followed real close. when I would stop at the son of my shoes coming to a stop he would stop at the end of his leash, I'd say about 90% of the times he returned to me without me saying the word some of them he would hang right there on the edge of his leash waiting for me but a gentle word in and he would come back.

The worst difficulty was on the street that still has the septic all torn up, a bunch of little loud Barkers on one side, and the other side has a large very beautiful Pitbull I'm not sure what you call the color but it's like a blue brindle with amazing lines.

he loves playing with other dogs but seems a little uncomfortable right there. And they're both inside fences so we just try to come move through but he gets easily distracted and little stressed at that location. He is really amazing with "go round" and "curb" (I wish I would had a better word than that last one but whatever"

For cars that our backs really far into their driveway, the areas of construction that I would just prefer to completely avoid than risk can pick anything up in his paw or deciding something edible faster than I could stop him (hasn't happened yet but I figure preemptive is better than shredded insides). He will step sightly out into the streets with go around and we'll go round one or two objects and then I'll have to give him it again.

If I want to go up in between two cars to get back up on the sidewalk I just say curb. 100% flawless.

it's even an effective way for us to go run trash cans and stuff like that without getting too close where he can get real curious.

I'm off the next few days, and it's really nice out there with all sorts of scents again so probably go a couple times each day at least for him to explore and be excited.

(Amazingly I've never had a dog who hates the rain so much. He will actually go out on the back porch covered and back his end to use the bathroom. We recently got his first favorite toy and, only took 30 tries, and when it started raining days ago he begged to be let out ran out there grabbed it and brought it in)

When we came in he was good about stopping turning around and I just had to say sit once to remove his leash. Now he's curled up next to me with a little look of a contentment give me his little groans anytime I stop scratching his ears. Hopefully that was enough to get him excited again, we have a good enough situation that walks are not "required" but, I like whenever he goes and taps his leash and looks at me and we just have a fun time going out. it's good for me and extra fresh air isn't going to kill him

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