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Hey y’all, <pet history> I’ve worked at a vet office for about a year before med school so I have basic knowledge healthcare wise; I currently have 2 (inside/outside kittens bro/sis) 2(outside only kittens/males) and a senior(10yrs/f) Great Dane. My hubby an I have adopted a chocolate lab pup around 9 weeks old whom the inside kittens love to play with but my geriatric Dane wants nothing to do with- =the pup was supposed to be a somewhat “replacement” to my Dane who won’t be with us for much longer; learn from her and to dampen the emotional pain of losing her when it’s her time= we have always rescued or adopted older dogs already aware of the housebroken basics (poop/pee outside) So, I’ve looked up many many videos and blogs/forums and what not on different platforms to go about pup training. Imma be honest, I’m currently trying crate training during the night (I’m a stay at home; during day hours to take him out regularly and don’t crate him) but I’m not 100% consistent, Im a pushover if I hear him whine over 15-20 minutes at night, an throw him in my bed fully aware that without fail forces me to get up when he’s “ready to play” twice before I normally wake up. SO, if anyone has any advice on any aspect, I’m all ears. I humbly ask for any respectful advice, constructive criticism, welcome any questions that pertain and I’d like to say thank you in advance for your time 🙂

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