9mo puppy doesn’t know how to interact with other dogs

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Hi Friends!

Our 9mo puppy is brilliant in many ways, but has a harder time interacting with other dogs. She is a Pomeranian, but her size is not the issue. We got her during the Covid times and while we were able to do a great amount of people/noise socializing, by the time she had all her shots the shutdown had started so she didn’t get much puppy/dog interaction.

She is not fearful or aggressive, and she likes other dogs, but she doesn’t really know how to play with them. If any dog shows interest in her, she immediately rolls over and submits. every. Single. Time. If the other dogs are not paying attention to her, she is totally fine, and even tries to bat at them or initiate play.. but as soon as they turn to her.. BOOM ears back, rolled over, belly up.

If the dog is especially enthusiastic, she likes to sit safely in the humans lap and does not like to be near the excited doggo. She will, however, try to play from the lap.

Is this anything to be concerned of? I am really not sure if there is anything we can/should do to help her beyond making sure she never actually feels stressed or threatened/uncomfortable. So far she has no problems being around any dogs and is fine with all our friends dogs, as long as they ignore her or occasionally sniff her. She enjoys playing solo near the other dogs, and even tries to get their toys, but does not interact with the dogs themselves.

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