9 week old puppy not interested in food

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We just brought home a 9 week old pyrenees/golden mix on Saturday (2.5 days ago). He was the biggest in the litter and is a hefty 25lbs. Since bringing him home he has been relatively uninterested in eating. We tried the food his breeder was feeding him (a mix of organ meats and kibble) he takes a few bites and is uninterested. I tried mixing in warm chicken broth, different foods, warming it up and cooling it down. Same result every time. He eats a few bites and is uninterested.

I brought him to the vet who gave him a clean bill of health. We tried a high calorie can of wet puppy food which he is mildly more interested in but he's still not eating enough to maintain his size. I've tried feeding him from a bowl, a plate, and even on the floor. I feel like I'm living "Green Eggs and Ham". I've taken to attempting to get him to eat multiple times a day just to get enough calories in him (I did wait at first hoping he'd get hungry enough to eat. No dice.)

Other than the food issue he is playful, curious, and friendly. He's had multiple bowel movements that look normal and he doesn't appear to be stressed out at all.

Any tips, tricks, or advice is welcome!

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