9 week old puppy in the office, reassure me!

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My 9 week old border terrier, Bertie, has been with us for 10 days now and is starting to grasp toileting outside (not asking to go out yet of course), and is getting good with the crate.

I’ve taken annual leave to be with him, but by the end of this week he’s coming with me to the office! Any tips and advice from those of you who have done this before?

He won’t be fully vaccinated but I’ll ensure he toilets somewhere that’s safe, the office is in a rural location and there are other healthy vaccinated dogs. I plan to crate him and stick to our current schedule of 1.5 hours in, 1 hour out. I understand this might be quite daunting for him so anything you think I can do before then, like a couple of quick trips to the office beforehand would be great!

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