9 week old chiweenie rescue doesn’t want to be alone

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I just adopted a 9 week old puppy. I've had him since Tuesday. His foster mom said he slept in his crate well with only a couple of whimpers through the night. From Tuesday- Friday, he slept in his crate (we are using a travel carrier because Petco didn't have any crates and he is only 3 lbs so he has space) for a few hours, only really crying once a night. But last night I tried to put him to sleep in his crate and he refused. He only wanted to lay with me. I was working with him for almost three hours trying to get him to sleep by himself. I ended up just having him sleep with me because I was frustrated. But, I'm nervous this set a bad precedent for him. Today I've tried leaving him in the crate/pen area alone and he cries so loudly. I try to leave him and only give him attention when he is quiet, but I live in an apartment and my neighbors can definitely hear him. Does anyone have any tips?

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