9 month old GSD rescue help

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A few weeks ago my fiancé and I rescued a 9 month old German shepherd. He’s our first dog and we’re having some “problems”. Back story was the original family had a dog and once they had a child put the dog outside. I can’t imagine why but they then got a puppy (our dog griffin) and left him outside as well. They recently moved to an apartment and surrendered the dogs.

We’ve had him 3 weeks now and are starting to see a lot of behavior issues mostly due to lack of exposure and socialization at key ages. He lunges and barks and goes crazy around other dogs, scared to explore new areas, passing cars and trucks make him nervous. He’s also having indoor problems such as jumping and chewing on everything and recently having accidents inside even though he’s taken out multiple times as the fiancé is at home with him during the day while I’m at work.

We have looked for trainers but the ones we like don’t have availability until Feb or March. What can we do until then to help get some of these things under control?

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