8 weeks or 12 weeks old? Which is better?

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Hi all, I’m looking to add a GSP puppy to my home early – mid 2021. I’ve been in contact with multiple reputable breeders and am doing my due diligence in finding the right puppy for me. One of my main criteria is that the breeder does volhard temperament testing at 7 weeks old prior to making picks. I am looking for a very specific temperament to fit in with my lifestyle and current dog. My dog is a female 2 year old Malinois x terrier. Very high energy and drive, good with dogs, but very fearful with new people. I am looking for a male GSP puppy to match her energy and drive and is also very people confident and well socialized to help build my other dog up. Also looking for a sport prospect to compete with us when he is old enough (lure coursing, fastcat, nosework).

Is it better to pick a puppy up at 8 weeks old or wait until 12 weeks old? Many of the breeders will offer a 4 week “puppy training” for an additional fee to continue socialization and exposure and also leash, crate, and potty train them. For GSPs they also start them on birds, gun training, and swimming/environmentals. This sounds very ideal since the puppies get additional socialization and training that is critical at that age and the breeders/trainers def have more experience than me. And also it’ll mean they are closer to fully vaccinated when I pick the puppy up – I live in a busy apartment complex and no one picks up after their dogs.

Is there any drawback to not having the puppy at 8 weeks old? Relationship building? Aside from missed photo ops when they are tiny babies.

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