8 week puppy with health issues – do we adopt?

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We're doing a foster to adopt for an 8 week old pup (male, 6 lb, mixed Shepard cross) from the shelter. They originally thought half his litter got parvo but they just got test results back they tested positive for Giardia, Campylobacter rods, Clostridial rods. Ontop of that, we just got him vaccinated and dewormed 2 days ago and he's been pooping out round worms. He hasn't been tested yet but the vet says he likely has it too if his littermates did.

The rescue wants to just prescribe antibiotics to him and also to our vaccinated 1 year old dog who's been sharing water, toys, and defacating in the same areas as him.

Has anyone's pup had these and know what the long term effects may be for an 8 week pup with a weakened immune system? Any major medical bills we could potentially see if we adopt him? We use pet insurance but aren't sure if it would invalidate anything as a "pre-existing condition". Also what about our other dog, should we be concerned?? He seems to be fine and showing no symptoms

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