8 week old German Shepherd puppy with cats/issues

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Hello everyone. I've never posted on this reddit before as I've never had an indoor puppy as an adult until yesterday. My wife and I just brought home our new puppy, roughly 80% German Shepherd and 20% husky. Potty training seems to be going well. She is very smart and already is good about waiting to relieve herself once she is outside. However, we are having some issues, especially with crate training, but I am also concerned with maintaining a healthy and safe environment for my 2 cats.

When I put her in her crate last night, she howled and cried basically all night long. I did take her to go outside to relieve herself a few times, but made it clear it was just for restroom time and not to play. I know i am not supposed to console her as she cries, but it was almost nonstop. She fell asleep for onky a few instances. Is this typical? I have seen a few different recommendations on crate training, where articles on line say to take her out a few times, but the paper from the vet says to leave them in there all night as it will result in them messing in their kennel and will eventually teach them not to do so. Is this an OK method?

Also, as mentioned before we have 2 cats in the house who have been here with us for years, one being 4 and the other being 1 and a half. When she first met them, she was obviously very curious, which was fine as we want them to meet, but she attempted to chase them a few times. We have been discouraging her from chasing them as I have read this would lead to possibly dangerous hunting behaviors with them, as well as have encouraged her when she remains calm with them and not chase them. She seems to have learned a bit about being calm with them in this short amount of time, but is there anything else I should be concerned with/any other methods I should use?

Thank you all so much. I'm sure these sorts of questions (especially crate training) are extremely common on this sub, but I am not sure what to trust and am rather nervous on how to best train/not harm my dog or cats.

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