8 month old puppy now constantly stopping on walks

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We adopted a pit mix (we think) about 2 months ago. She is 9 months old and has been adapting pretty well. When we first got her she was super reactive on leash, pulling constantly. But after a lot of work using lots of positive reinforcement and high value treats she really chilled out and got to some nice loose leash walking. The past 2 weeks however she seems to have developed really strong ideas on where she does and does not want to go. So she consistently drags behind to stop look at something more interesting or even just sit. I’ve tried to keep walking with firm tugs to avoid constant tension on leash but she doesn’t seem to be getting it. I can get her attention and focus on me but she still refuses to move forward.

She has developed good recall and comes excitedly off leash but don’t want to use that approach and same command to constantly get her to move on walks.

Any ideas? Do I need to introduce high value treats again, is there a command I can introduce to encourage forward movement more consistently. She is otherwise always excited to get outside and explore:

I don’t believe there is an injury or health issue. She’s fine on an extended leash or off leash but on leash she just wants to chart her own path.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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