8 month old puppy nipping excessively

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We have a 8 month old Australian Shepherd, Pitbull, and Boxer mix who is just the cutest monster. She mouths my boyfriend and I constantly, and tries to destroy anything she can. She just chewed up two pairs of scissors that were put away on the kitchen counter. She also likes to jump from the floor to on top of the dining room table to eat cat food. But does not chase the cats, she likes to lick on one of them. I have tried time out, saying no and redirecting. I've sprayed my hands with the bitter spray to no avail. She also barks at my boyfriend's dad, who she sees everyday. He is the only family member she barks at, she also barks at any stranger.


Maggie is 8 months old

Australian Shepherd(50%) Pitbull(26%) Boxer(24%)

She was a rescue that was found 4/30 and we adopted her 5/20. She is around my boyfriend and I daily and his family (mom, dad, sister) everyday. She loves my boyfriend's mom and sister but his dad she just barks at even though he is the treat giver.

She is fed in the morning by my boyfriend and evening by me, she is crated for about 6 hours- when I get home we exercise and play. She has signs of hip dysplasia, as noticed by the vet, so she can't go for long runs. She is very treat motivated but also stubborn- if she doesn't feel like listening she won't.

Her toys consist of rubber toys, bone like chewers, and puzzle toys. She had a push puzzle that I could put treats in and she would use her nose to find and move the puzzle but she pulled it out of the basket and shredded it.

Biggest issues:

Nibbling/biting- its constant and she is not satisfied with her basket full of toys. They are mostly rubber toys or bone like as she destroys anything else.

jumping on us- she has gotten really strong.

Barking at neighbors. I am getting concerned as when our neighbors kids are out she just barks and barks.

How we discipline:

time out

calmly taking her away from the situation

yelling NO

using a spray bottle and spraying her on the butt.

I don't think hitting or spanking is going to fix anything.

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