8 mo old new puppy bites the ankles of our other dog and draws blood.

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sourced from: https://www.reddit.com/r/puppy101/comments/j9pisv/8_mo_old_new_puppy_bites_the_ankles_of_our_other/

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Freya (new puppy) keeps biting Loki’s (1 year 4 mo) ankles, and has broken the skin, leaving bite marks and open sores. She doesn’t get mouthy with us unless we’re trying to restrain her, but she hasn’t bitten us at all. Loki and Freya got into a few spats at first, but now all they do is play all day long. They really love each other, but we want the injuries to stop.

She also doesn’t like it when we pay attention to the other animals in the house. She tries to monopolize all the attention for herself.

She is really perfect otherwise. We’ve had her for a few weeks and as far as puppies go, she’s been great.

Any ideas as to how we can nip this behavior?

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