7 month old puppy bit neighbour – need advice

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We live in a loft apartment and our 7 month old white swiss shepherd bit our neighbor from ankle.

Our pup has met with neighbor previously 3 times, at first barked.. then sniffed and got friend with her, but at same time kept asking and repeating how do you know he wont bite.. you cant tell he wont bite.. when i said he has not bit anyone before. She is older lady who used to be veterinarian. Now last time my GF was alone at home with pup and she has not met neighbor before. My GF and pup went outside to pee, we live on 4th floor and started going to elevator. Vet came out as soon as they had ordered elevator. GF panicked a little and to calm situation they took stairs and went down slowly. Then the VET was waiting for them downstairs and blocked the exit. Puppy started barking intensely and pulling, vet said let's go outside or something, but my GF didn't hear her well from all the barking from pup and vet was blocking the exit and kept talking, making noise. They were near stairs with pup and vet did not move. Then my GF and pup tried to pass her, but somehow pup managed to bite her from ankle so it drew blood.

Vet said it is ok.. and all, but he will do it again in future to other people. But later next day when I met her she started rambling how dog is not meant in apartment and once a biter always a biter and she never wants to see the dog again and want to have no connections with the dog. Also I told her that just recently (2 days ago actually) we also met with counsellor who helped us understand our pup better and that he is just afraid.. before I managed to explain further she started again how dog is not meant in city and so on… Basically hoped that counsellor had said same things she was thinking…

Counsellor was good and gave us a lot of good tips what to do and how to help with high reactiveness of puppy which we are working on now and keep working.

TL;DR I HATE PEOPLE and I have no idea who is in the wrong here.. and I feel guilty over the situation and I am afraid to go outside with puppy. 🙁

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