7 m/o whining in the morning

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TIA for the help! We just adopted a puppy about a month ago (Mexican street dog adoptee, we think Lab/Whippet mix, 7 months old probably), and it's primarily my responsibility as a pet parent, my partner is taking a back seat (totally fine with me, it's a communicated and agreed-upon arrangement). Problem is, my partner gets up at 6:30 to prep for work, and I get up around 8. around 7 or so puppers will start whining in his crate, and my partner doesn't feel like they have an option besides letting doggo out and then they have to deal with friendly and distracting dog while they're trying to calmly prepare for work.

Do y'all think pups should just stay in the crate til I get up, and we just let him whine for an hour? Is there something my partner can do that allows them the ability to be dog-free for a hot minute without signaling to the dog that it's time to be awake? I understand crate training involves not responding to whining, and we've been trying to ignore it, but it seems to go on for a long time before my partner loses patience and wakes me up. TIA for the help!

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