7-8 months year old biting furniture etc, what’s your best tips?

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We adopted (no real trauma, she grew up with her mom and siblings) a puppy a few months back, and she's now 7-8 months old. We did a DNA test on her and that said she's 25% Belgian Malinois and 12,5% German Shepherd, if that would in any way matter.

She's a quite normal puppy, but with enormous amount of energy that we get out of her with playing (tug, fetch, etc) and nose work. That's because she's a puppy and a bit scared outside, so we can't take long walks with her yet. It's also something we appreciate with her.

But the problem we have is with her biting. Mostly it's biting the couch, table legs, pillows, mats, etc. We stay in touch with the owners of her siblings, and it seems that they're all quite "bitey", and that our puppy is one of the better when it comes to biting. But it's still an annoying habit. She's good at self control with "leave it", and we've tried redirecting to training or things she's allowed to chew on. She not mouthing that much, only when she's on her back and we're petting her stomach, like she likes it so much she can't deal with it. Then she's mouthing very gently, but she can also sometimes do some nipping or biting on clothing.

Perhaps I've explained everything well enough, and I hope you can share your best tips. Thanks!

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