7.5 months Central Asian Shepherd barks, pulls and eats everything it seems comestible during walk. I tried following the suggestions from this sub, but nothing seems working. What can I do?

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Hello r/puppy101,

It's the second time I'm posting here about my Central Asian Shepherd. He is about 8 months now, but me and my family are facing hard times with his behavior.

The problems are essentially two:

1 – He barks at everyone is passing nearby his yard when he is at my parents house, where he stays everyday except Saturday and Sunday where I bring him to my house. He also barks at people who are closing the entrance door in my condo (my apartment is at ground floor, so I can hear whenever someone is coming in). The problem is we can't stop him from controlling himself, and my parents neighbors are complaining about this thing. About his staying in my apartment, the problem can be similar, but since he stays at my place one night a week, I usually get up earlier than I would to calm him.
2 – Whenever we go out for a walk, he looks like is constantly sniffing at the floor, eating whatever seems comestible, especially poops (his and others). This obviously lead to a constant pulling from him, and makes the walks frustrating.

To counter this problems, I'm currently doing the following:
1 – Every time he barks, I say "Shut up!" and, if he stops, I give him a treat. This seems working and, if he starts again, he barks with a lower volume. The problem is that this doesn't prevent him from barking at all and since my parents are not doing this when he is at my parents house, he simply barks without being stopped. I think all of this is related to the fact he has a guardian DNA. Whenever we approach a dog for example, he has a strange behavior where he stops walking and assume what I call the Sphinx position. Here is an example. About people instead, he also does this thing or, if he doesn't like the person who is coming towards him, he just barks.

2 – If he is approaching a poop or something I don't want him to eat, I say "Look at me!" and, if he does, I give him a treat. Also, when we are walking with a loose leash, I give him treats. The problem here is he is not making any progress at all, he is constantly attracted from poops and anything seems food. I can relate this behavior to the fact he is really eager and gets over excited with food.

It may seem something like not to worry about from someone, but this is really frustrating and my parents are at wit's end. Nobody wants to give him away of course, we really like him and he is a good boy, but even if I'm doing my best, it doesn't seem to work. That being said, is there something I am doing wrong or I could start doing instead?

Thank you.

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