7.5 month old pitbull/lab mix can be skittish/anxious on walks

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Hi everyone! Ive had my 7.5 month old pittie/lab mix since she was 4.5 month old. I live in a big city and my walk up apartment is at a pretty busy intersection. I would say about 50% of the time when I take her outside she can be quite skittish/anxious on walks. I have a really big problem with her when I want to take her for a long walk and she just stops and doesn't want to go anywhere. It can be super frustrating! I've tried to do the whole reward her when she moves thing, but I would honestly need to do that every couple feet. if she doesn't want to go a specific direction she'll be quite stubborn about it. I thought her fear maybe stemmed from loud trucks, but she can still be anxious in neighborhoods where there are no trucks driving by.

The other half of the time she's fine and a perfectly good walker! I guess I'm just not sure if it's because she in a fear stage, she's actually an anxious dog, or she just gets into a mood? Would really love some advice!

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