6 moth old Bullmastiff overly tired, overly stimulated, dominant or aggressive?

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Kinda long, and im re-posting bc i posted this at a time where it wasnt seen by many at all. Any input thanks

Last week my puppy and my mothers under socialized, never got corrected, never even picked up on potty training, demonic min pin who does wat she wants; got into a fight leaving my dog with scraped lip and the min pin needing stitches (bc size matters)

Now today im getting some plumbing work done to my house, and in turn we had to be out of the house by 7 am. So we were, my pup gets fed at 9. We took her to my significant others parents house. They have a 5 month old Australian Shepard and my dog and that dog a great friends. And they play hard and fast and then they cool off and rest together and drink from the same water bowl and generally lounge together. My pup had played from 930 am til about 12:30 or 1 and then took a cat nap until we left at around 2:30;my gf had to leave for work and the plumbing work was not going to be finished until late evening around 8-9pm. So i went to my sisters house, and she has a 3 yr old Rottweiler AND my dogs littermate also a female. Mind you i have taken her over to that house with those dogs since the first week i brought her home. The two sisters always play rough and for extended periods of time on and off. But tn i brought her over and i kind of felt like she was tired and needed a tru REM nap before playing but as soon as we were there she was ready to go. So they played for about 1-2 hours. Then i noticed the play was starting to get rough and snappy and snarly. So i clapped and got their attn and they split up. Then they played fine for another 15/20 minutes. And then again snarling and lips raised. Except this time they didnt separate and kept it going. I threw a heavy pillow at their faces then yanked my pups leash. And they were still clamped. I had to smack them on the head to get them separate. Now at this point my sister is outside with her dog and me with mine. We both checked them over and my pup had a minor scrape on the tip of her ear. We separated them in rooms then after about an hour we let them out to pee together and they both went and then kinda played but then came back in and slept separated.

Also i think i should say that i do feel like my puppy had an extremely LONG day and so did we. No time for even an hour nap wen she usually take 2, 2-3 hour naps a day then sleeps at 9:30 until morning. She woke up at 7 with us and played from 9:30 until 7:30 pm with MAYBE an hour and a half total rest in between. She was around 3 dogs, traveled in the car 3 separate times, and was at 3 different houses around children and new adults aswell. I’m leaning towards the overstimulated/ exhaustion theory. Thats not to say that she shouldnt be possible that she needs to have a behaviorist intervene.

Now neither dog had injuries besides my pups nick on the ear, my question is it it worrisome to see my pup being aggressive and scuffling or is it just her sister and she plays fights hard plus being over tired?

TLDR; Worried my puppy may have over aggressive tendencies or just not catching the queues that she is tired and needs to be separated from play time? Need input and advice on how to go fwd. thanks

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