6 month old puppy had an accident in his crate last night, need help.

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My wife and I have a 6 month old lab/poodle cross that we woke up to find he had an accident in his crate for the first time. He pushed some of his toys into the corner he peed in so we feel really bad about him basically trying to clean it up with his favourite toys. He hasn’t had an accident before so we are wondering if there’s anything we could do to let him know he can bark if he needs to go outside while in his crate.

We didn’t put him to bed any earlier than normal, he did drink a lot of water before bed so it’s on us for not waking him up and taking him out later in the evening. We’re just wondering if there’s anything we can try to do to help him communicate with us if he needs something urgent in his crate. Also any tips for cleaning up stuffed toys would be appreciated.

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