6 month old pomsky puppy soiled her crate this morning. Help!

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So bullet points first, then I'll get more into the specifics. Please, be kind. This is my first dog, and I'm at a loss for a lot of things that might seem obvious to others.

This is the first time this has happened She was not housebroken when we got her. She's been making good progress through treat rewards and regular bathroom breaks (approx every 4 hours). She has not had an accident in the house for nearly three weeks. While we are still housebreaking, she is mostly in her crate unless she has just gone outside. She is never out of her crate unsupervised at this point. Unsure of precisely when this occured as I did not witness it, but it was between 11:30am and 12:30pm. She did not make any unusual noise in that timeframe to indicate that something was wrong.

So to get more specific:

Luna is a 6 month old pomsky. She's more husky than pom; her dad was a true 50/50 split, and her mom was a true Siberian husky. We rescued her from a neglectful situation at around 3,5 months old. She was not trained at all, for anything, and was very shy and nervous. She's made some good progress here so far.

This morning, my partner let her out on her lawn line to go to the bathroom. She's been pretty good about this since we first introduced it a couple weeks ago to make mornings easier for my partner; they are a frontline nurse, and just don't have the energy to walk the dog in the morning with the extra hours and stuff they're pulling right now. This morning was particularly rushed, and my partner didn't actually notice whether Luna went pee or not.

I work evenings in a fast food place that closes late (I get home around 1am for reference), so after Luna comes in from outside around 7:30am, my partner hangs out with her for about half an hour before she goes back into her crate until I get up and take her for a walk around 12 noon. Yesterday night was particularly rough for me, so I was a little late getting started today.

Around 11:30am, Luna started making a fuss in her crate. She often does this if she gets bored, so I went down, gave her a carrot to chew, and went back up to finish getting ready for the day. She continued to make noise, which she sometimes does, and we usually just ignore it until she goes quiet, then let her out to play. We don't want to reward the noise making behaviour. The whining noises she was making sounded completely normal for her, not a different pitch or volume to her normal whining in the crate.

Around 12:30 when I was ready to go, I went down to see that some spilled kibble at the bottom of Luna's crate was wet, her tail and paws were wet, and the air smelled of ammonia.

I immediately took Luna outside and attached her to her line while I cleaned off the removable base of her crate with vinegar, Nature's Miracle, and a Lysol wipe. We then proceeded on our walk as normal. She did not pee at all while we were out.

I know that crate soiling behaviour can be a very difficult habit to break, and it makes housetraining very difficult. I'd like to nip this in the bud.

What steps can I take to avoid an accident like this from happening again? Thanks for any advice!

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