6.5 Month Old Puppy: Fear Period or Adult Personality Showing?

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We have a 6.5 month old rescue puppy. She was very fearful when we got her at 11 weeks. But we did a lot of socialization work with her and she made immense progress. A few weeks ago she was 100% dog friendly, and very people friendly. She would always greet strangers and let them say hi, she just would sometimes duck if they tried to pet the top of her head. She was fine with chin scratches and side pets though. But recently she’s randomly started to show some reactivity to strange people. If they try to lean over and greet her, she’ll dart back and start loudly barking at them. She’ll calm down after a bit, but as soon as they lean over she’ll get set off again. Run backwards and start loudly barking. We’re worried this is her starting to show her true adult personality. She’s almost 60 pounds so when she barks it’s understandably scary to people who don’t know her.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with their pup? Any advice or success stories?

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