5yo pug has recently developed "unstimulated" sporadic and relentless barking. What can I do to calm them and reduce outbursts?

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Hi all, first time poster,

My pug loves a good bark, who doesn't? But recently he will bark at anything, he will bark at the wall, the door (when nothing is there) and anything/everything.

It is very hard to manage as he becomes inconsolable when this happens and we can't seem to figure out what is making him bark.

He does have an ear infection which is currently being treated (just incase he is in pain or there are audio-issues causing barking), he is currently on apoquel.

Any help is appreciated, we make sure to walk him regularly, good diet, good amount of attention. (if not too much) and we are trying to put in boundaries.

Unfortunately due to his previous owners, he hasn't had any training beyond toileting. The guy won't even sit, I've tried training him and it's a slow progress.

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